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Nikhol B. Jackson, LAPC
Certified Marriage & Family Therapist
Dynamic Achievement Solutions, LLC
"A Love For All Seasons"
A Couples Retreat
Couples will participate and engage in
workshops and activities designed to enhance
communication skills, personal awareness,
and rebuild the foundations of their relationship.
February 18-12, 2011      
Innsbruck Golf Community
     Helen, Georgia
$300 per couple ages 21 and up
Lodging, Meals & Workshops Included  
Payment Schedule:
Deposit Due: $100.00 (per couple) November 30, 2010
Second Installment: $100.00 (per couple) December 30, 2010
Third Installment: $100.00 (per couple) January 17, 2011
Refund Policy:
Deposits and third installments are non-refundable!
Refunds will be granted for second installments if requested in writing to jnikhol@yahoo.com prior to January 17, 2011. 
In the event that this retreat is cancelled by DAS staff,
full refunds will be granted promptly.
To reserve your space, a completed registration form and $100 deposit
must be recieved on or before November 30, 2010.
All payments are to be made via Paypal on this website.
Download Forms Below:
Please e-mail completed forms to jnikhol@yahoo.com
or fax to
A Love For All Seasons Couples Retreat
Price: $100.00
A Love For All Seasons Couples Retreat
2nd Installment
Price: $100.00
A Love For All Seasons Couples Retreat
3rd Installment
Price: $100.00
A Love For All Seasons Couples Retreat
Total Purchase
Price: $300.00
Call or E-mail for more info:
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