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Concierge Wellness Experiences

Wellness Retreats

Because one hour sessions are never enough. 

Let us personalize a wellness experience to is just right for you!

We offer full and half day wellness experiences, a weekend of wellness and even a wellness week.

Come experience our Soul Sessions by the Sea, Mindful Moments in the Mountains, Wine & Wellness Excursions, and our Journey to Wellness travel experiences!

Book a solo session or a group experience to launch your personalized path on your wellness journey. 

February 2023

Diamond, Pearls and Furs Love Your Self Special Wellness Weekend 

February 10th -12th- Minneapolis, MN

 $500 per person based on double occupancy excluding airfare

Treat Yourself to a VIP Prince Paisley Park Experience, a day of retail therapy at the Mall of America and let us pour into your mind, body and spirit with a Love Your Self Special Excursion!

March 2023

Paris & Egypt Wellness Week

March 17-March 25th

$1500 per person based on double occupancy excluding airfare

Come experience a day in Paris seeing the sights on our journey to the motherland where we will spend a week exploring our sense of self as we journey through the wonders of the cradle of civilization.

April 2023

Soul Sessions by the Sea in Los Angelos, CA Wellness Weekend

April 20th -April 22nd

$650 per person based on double occupancy excluding airfare

Come enjoy a Garden of Eden Experience at one of the most amazing hot spring spas, Engage in Ocean Therapy, mindful eating experiences and much more!

May 2023

A Pink & Green Wellness Weekend in Martha's Vineyard

May 5th- May 7th

$500 per person based on double occupancy excluding airfare!

Come and be immersed in the beauty of celebrating the African American Ancestorial Heritage in Martha's Vineyard, Be mesmerized by a waterfire experience and explore your internal self-concept through a cliff walking experience!

June 2023 

Carribean Queen Wellness Week in St. Thoman Virgin Islands

June 26th- June 29th

$700 per person based on double occupancy excluding airfare.

Come escape to a Caribbean paradise and allow yourself to experience a deep level of self-discovery through an exploration of the power that lies within. Engage in Mountain Top Mediations, castle climbing, beach therapy and more!


Refund Policy:

Deposits are non- refundable. 

In the event that this retreat is cancelled by DAS staff,

full refunds will be granted promptly.

To reserve your space,  $100 deposit

must be received on or 60-90 days before the event.

All payments are to be made via Paypal or Zelle at lateshiawoodley

Please e-mail Dr. Lateshia Woodley if you are interested in joining or personalizing a wellness experience.

Call or E-mail for more info:

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